beautiful cherry blossom tattoos designs hip
The symbolic nature of cherry blossoms often influence in Japanese art, manga, anime and movies, as well as musical performances, which is where many of today's tattoo artists earn their inspiration. The popularity of these sensual tattoos among Western women is also influenced by the fact that the cherry blossoms are symbolic of love, affection and good luck. Short but beautiful life also represent the transient, fleeting nature of our own lives and demonstrate the importance of living life intensely, as in the fullness of time, we are only very briefly in this land.

Cherry blossoms were painted on the sides of Japanese planes during World War II, until they embarked on missions suicidal. Once again it would symbolize the transience of life. The Japanese believed that the souls of their crews lost in battle would be Reincarnated as a Japanese colonialists and cherry flower often planted to symbolize the territory becoming part of Japan.

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