David Beckham All Tattoos
When David Beckham, Sachin Tendulkar or Tiger woods enters the Arena, are welcomed by their fans, which are usually decorated with paintings on the face, head or shoulders, which can be consulted by all media. 
It is not just fans, bearing tattoos so prominent. For example, in 2004, Louis Malloy flew the United Kingdom, to give a new tattoo of a cross with wings on the back of your neck-immersed in a soccer game by David Beckham.

Louis Molloy is another favorite celebrity tattoo artists. Did most of the artworks of Beckham's body, some of the most egregious projects of religious tattoo design on the back. I also heard an interesting tidbit about credits copyright Molloy on Beckham's tattoos. But that's another story.
David Beckham, a football player, is a classic example, he has two arms in full sleeve tattoos and represent a lot of things to him. He has several tattoos, but on the same topic in his arms, including the name of his wife, among others. But full sleeves of tattoos need not have a specific meaning to you.

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