japanese cherry blossom tattoo designs for women
In the Japanese cultural tradition, cherry blossom is deeply rooted in symbolism. The short duration of the flowers have been and currently are associated with human mortality and its relatively short existence. In Japanese, flowering period and the consequent loss in a short period of time symbolizes the fragility of human existence and its relatively short duration. That is why in many of these designs you will see the petals that fall from the branch of a tree. This association with mortality has been used in traditional Japanese art, as well as the more recent forms of art manga or anime. 

Everything is basically saying is that the cherry blossom tattoo design represents the appreciation for life has given us, as fragile is a symbol that most of your short time on this earth. Some people may not want this type of symbolism tattooed on your skin, as it is a reminder of our mortality, but if taken in a positive and reflective perspective, it is a celebration of life and a reminder that hard times we are facing will not last forever.

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